Broken glass on foreshore at Cutmill Creek between Bosham and Chidham

It has been reported that a large quantity of old broken glass has become exposed on the foreshore at Cutmill Creek. Dog walkers are advised not to let their dogs off leads until they get beyond the bridge heading south towards Chidham. Walking on the designated footpath is still safe. We will endeavour to clear as much up as we can, 40kg of broken glass has already been removed, and warning signs will be installed.

Footpath leading to Thornham Bridge now open 

The new bridge was commissioned by the Conservancy and built by Andrew Oliver, a local shipwright and joiner based at Emsworth Yacht Harbour. The new bridge is made from a particularly durable wood called ‘ekki’ which will give it a greater life-span than the previous bridge, which was made of oak.  Construction and the associated remedial works cost £48,000 with £5,000 generously donated by the Friends of Chichester Harbour.  The work needed to be completed by the end of September so as not to disturb the overwintering birds that arrive in the autumn.

We would like to thank walkers for their patience whilst the bridge section of the footpath was closed and hope that they will now enjoy the route without interruption for many years to come.